Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weston & Okemo

Tuesday February 10, 2009

Lewis has a private lesson this morning with more lessons later so Donny & I decide to play tourist. We get our mega coffee from Dunkin' Donuts at the Shell gas stop and take Vermont 100 to the tiny village of Weston about 10 miles down the road.

We stop at the Weston Village Store in the middle of this tiny town. It is exactly what you would imagine from a country store that has seemingly endless rooms up and down steps and stairs. We are the only folks visiting and we take our time looking at everything. We select a case of Vermont maple syrup in really cool bottles corked with a wax seal to bring home for family and friends. The shop clerk is a typical Vermont gent, short on conversation but long on manners.

Now we drive a few yards down the road and turn into the parking lot of the Vermont Country Store. It is located in the back of this famous country store such that from the road it looks like there is no parking. This is the same store that sends those small black and white catalogs full of items all over the country. It is a big operation. Lots of people are shopping here. We browse and sample cheeses and jams. It too rambles endlessly.

We go next door to the Bryant House for lunch. The food is down home and great. I have an Apple Pie apertif. It is hot cider with butterscotch schnapps and whipped cream. We both have clam chowder. Donny get home made peppermint ice cream for dessert and I gingerbread with more whipped cream.

We head back to our favorite skiing mountain and stop in the Base Lodge store so that I can get some Okemo clothing. My badge of slope conquering.

We see the Snow Stars coming in for the day from their various lessons and try to spot Lewis but all the instructors are dressed alike and we are not sure. It is fun to see the kids doing their death wedge down the slopes.

We go home and begin packing for our trip back to the humid sub-tropics tomorrow. We want to leave when the kids go to work and so need to have everything packed and out the door by 8AM.

Tonight is Wallyball at the gym and we are going to watch. Feeney plans to get in some swimming time to keep up her skills for this summer. We try to get a quick bite to eat at DJ's before the game but the waitress tells us there are no seats at the bar and that we cannot order off of the bar menu in the dining room. There are plenty of empty adjacent seats near the bar but we do not argue with her. We go to Wicked Good and get a slice of pizza. This is a quick stop and we have time to spare. We stop in at Killarney's to say hi to whoever is there which is most of the ski patrol gang. We have a quick drink, say our farewells to everyone and then it is Wallyball time.

Wallyball is a blast to watch and surely play. Lewis' team is clearly superior but it is all in fun and they switch the teams around after a while. The challenge is the Base Lodge Snow Stars instructors take on Jackson Gore Snow Stars instructors. Each week pretty much there is a different challenge. Last week was broom ball on the ice.

After the game ends, we head back to DJ's for more food. Now the kitchen is closed, we move on to the Loft, same story. We try the Burger Joint and again kitchen closed. We give up and go home and forage and do final packing.

Au Revoir Ludlow and Okemo!

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