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Extended Christmas 2008

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The babies (and their parents) arrived Christmas Eve and we were ummm..sort of ready. Well, always ready for a visit but only sort of ready for Christmas. The tree was procured three days earlier on a balmy Sunday, then the nor'east wind kicked up and we did not want to open the tree inloading door on that side of the porch and opted for the promised finer weather. Which finally occurred Christmas Eve. What with last minute shopping and visits from neighbors (never too busy for a glass of eggnog) we had just pretty much installed the tree when in came family one, followed shortly by family two. Baby's First Christmas was officially underway!

Tuckered out from the trip with a reluctant long distance rider, the guys nevertheless helped get the lights on the tree and the scaffolding in place for the...ta da...Decoration Busters aka Mariah, Jess & Evan to arrive. I use that term literally as a few decorations hit the attrition pile but the gals did a fine job of ornamenting our tree at the eleventh hour and we were very grateful.

Everyone was in bed by 9 except Donny & myself who had drawn the midnight shift at the elf factory and thus had to go to work. I later told him we never had it this easy getting kids to bed and we did not even have to say a word.

Christmas morning, I heard rumblings early but knowing the babies were oblivious to what day it was and the adults would not mind waiting, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

At a more gentile hour we settled into opening gifts. Andrew was appointed to distribute presents being the youngest child in attendance. He did not have a Santa hat but he did his job well.

Donald called to report lumps of coal in his stocking in the form of no electricity for morning coffee in Columbia SC. Now I know he is a good child so the coal must have been a mistake, but nevertheless they had no coffee, harsh.

We that were here had a wonderful traditional Christmas dinner and even cut the coconut cake, knowing Donald & Terri would not be much later getting in. Before they could arrive, Lewis did via ichat and opened his present from AJ while Andrew watched. D&T arrived around 9 and we played a few rounds of their new game, Dominion, while we enjoyed more, I must admit, fabulous coconut cake.

I told you this was extended Christmas because you see, we are not through yet. While we were opening presents the following morning with D&T, Emily called to say she had a change of plans and thought she would be able to get to the OBX today (if you got lost we are on Friday). But, after her new plans were formed glitches appeared everywhere. Marty had a mystery rash he was having checked, Lydia had a bad cough they were also checking on. She would call back. Later after it was verified that Marty's rash, identified as highly contagious shingles, (thus no OBX Christmas for him) and Lydia's non-contagious cough would do no harm to the babies, Em and her two began their trip.

They arrived around 9 (a recurring theme) and finally we were as all together as it was going to get.

Saturday morning we had one more Christmas and topped of Martin's perfect Christmas with a much coveted Bionicle. Lydia got more stuffed animals than Emily cares to think about but she knows when she is outnumbered.

We had rib roast for mid-day meal and everyone dispersed in waves throughout the afternoon starting with the babies who, if asked, would say they had the most miles to go.

We did have the D family until the next afternoon but by this time we were all pretty much just sitting around looking at each other, company enough without words.

Merry Christmas belated!! This set of pictures is similar to but not the same as those on Facebook.

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