Wednesday, November 19, 2008


High Museum
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We get an early start from the Big Easy Tuesday morning but we do take time to walk four blocks to Cafe du Monde, a 24 hour coffee shop on the corner of Jackson Square, that has real coffee and sweet beignets. We get ours to go and head east.

We are intrigued by the miles and miles of bridge systems over the bayous all along the way through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Seems like the proposed Pea Island bridge project is nothing compared to these.

When we stop for coffee in Mississippi I am starving for protein and we find amazing burgers at a take-out called Steak Out. They charbroil your burgers to order. The cashier has a voice just like Tara's in True Blood. We ARE in the deep south!

We reach Atlanta in time for our tour of the First Emperor's Terracotta warrior exhibit. It is impressive. There are over 600 pits of which this exhibit has articles from two. Over 7000 warriors were created, to date 1000 have been unearthed. And the first warrior was discovered only 34 years ago in 1974 by a farmer plowing his field. I can see how Qin Shihuangdi rose to be First Emperor. Among many dictates, he demanded that every item, even parts of items, made be signed by the worker so blame, or praise, could be assigned if needed.

We meet John & Donna at Ted's Montana Grill after an anxious moment when they are late and I begin to doubt myself as to whether I have remembered the plan correctly. They have been in a traffic snarl. John recommends the entire menu but says the bison is wonderful and it is.

We bid farewells and head to Conyers where Bud & Amy await in their charming cozy home. We chat for a long time, have a nice lemon dessert and turn in for some delightful sleep.

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