Sunday, October 05, 2008

And More Wanderings

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We go forward one year from the time noted in my last post and we find an entry from Stephen making the cut into the 1988 Manteo Elementary School Gleanings


Once upon a time, there was a flying horse named Pegasus. Sometime before this story, Pegasus had beaten a chimaera. The wizard who made the chimaera was so angry that he had been trying to beat Pegasus for years. He had never beaten him, and after seven years he was still angry. So one day he made a spell in prison. A few days later Pegasus was doing a new trick. He could fly upside down. When the wizard saw this, he thought, "This is my chance to beat Pegasus." So he cast his spell in prison on Pegasus and that is why Pegasus is still upside down in the sky.

Stephen Ball
Mrs. Gaskill
Grade 4

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