Monday, September 22, 2008

Threads of Time

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When I was seven I made this dress by hand for my most favorite doll, Bethleann. In the picture I have turned it inside out to show all the stitching. At the time I thought it was a pretty sad attempt at sewing. But I made it myself and I was proud of that. Later when I was twelve I made a LOT of clothes my beloved 8" Muffie dolls, but this time I got to use the sewing machine. Sometimes I look at those clothes and wonder how tedious each tiny seam must have been, but my dolls needed clothes and sewing was the answer.

I found the first sewing attempt today when I finally got into the last box of things that have been packed up for almost a year while our house revisions were going on. The box mostly held my dolls and their clothes. Bethelann, the doll I made the dress for, looked as sweet as ever but when I picked her up her head fell off. Ah, I sighed, probably time to really pack my dolls away and not just have them on display.

I got a vintage suitcase, took everyone's picture, nestled them in a comfortable arrangement so that they could giggle and chat, closed the lid and put the suitcase on our new crown shelving right next to the Muffie collection. I am sure I will check on them from time to time and surely introduce Lydia to my oldest friends.

There is Bethleann, Sue, the German doll who never had a name, and my two Storybook dolls. I had a few other like Betsy Wetsy and Tiny Tears but they did not survive the transition from childhood. It is a small collection but very, very loved.


Halloween Doll Clothes Gal said...

Wow - what lovely work. You really have a great skill for craft and sewing.

fiftypercent3s said...

You could mention that Bethleann lives on in the Wellington stories.

Muffie Doll said...

Hard to believe that this cute lovable muffie dolls are sought after as collectible items.