Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Suzanne

Friend Suzanne celebrated her birthday yesterday. After exercise classes we journeyed off to have a pedicure at our favorite spa, Diva's, where we pretty much learned that former local caterer, Petrozza, does win Hell's Kitchen (next week will tell for complete sure).

Then it was off to Good Life for lunch and after that I thought a stop at the monument would be fun since this was day one of the reopening of the edifice, for climbing the interior to the top that is.

We who are fairly fit but have just worked out and eaten, trudge, yes really trudge, up the hill in the 90 degree heat to find the door, locked! We take a picture anyway. On our way back to the car we meet a ranger and quiz him about the opening. After all, I have heard it on the radio and am pretty famous for mixing things up. Yup, he replies it was open but you just missed it.

We look puzzled. Seems that a woman fainted inside and it took so long to get her out, that they decided to close it again and only have it open for a few hours in the morning once a week.

But it's her birthday I protest to no avail. Oh well we tried. He was funny and nice. I recognize you he says to me. That is because I am the runner that is always stopping to take pictures. I'll use any excuse at all to stop for a moment.

Suzanne is the real runner. She runs early in the morning and fast. With a couple of guys around six am he asks. Usually is her reply. Okay I've seen you too! You can't hide on the OBX.

After our chat we go our separate ways to meet again at 4 for track work with Ari. It is my first day to finally fit this in. Suzanne has been working with Ari for over a year.

Ari has forgotten her shoes so we do minimal jogging but at that I do not keep up. We do a gazillion abs and leg lifts and other forms of torture which are actually very good, when you are finished.

So hopefully it was a fun birthday for Suzanne!

btw For you three people that actually read this blog with any regularity, take a travel to The Other Me, as I am starting to post again there now too. Live Journal has an awesome photo uploader. It only takes seconds. BlogSpot is still pretty s-l-o-w although I love the formats on BlogSpot more than LJ.

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