Thursday, May 15, 2008

Movin' On

The wall is coming down. The wall with my fun sketch of water birds painted in a flash to cover up a ratty looking wall. Much more delightful than plain paint. We'll try to preserve the birds but if not, c'est la vie. Dorrie and Nemo that I painted were sacrificed when Martin's wall was the access point to bathroom repairs.

The Coke machine is now in the pub and it looks awesome. Andrew found the very one we have online and so maybe we can actually locate a key and get it going again.

I am so excited about the revamp of my tiny website, SandyBands. It is definitely a work in progress. Selling this type of product online is pretty much a non-event so I decided to create a joyous website and let the muses take it where they will.

I sit here in what Donny's calls my Chinese office. Clutter (organized of course!) surrounds me. But for the moment I really cannot do much, so I look at it like the figure changing stages of pregnancy when your body is not your own and there is not a thing you can do about it, or would want to. So you enjoy the watermelon look with the ass wider than that, eat what you want, and beam knowing the end result is pretty cool.

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