Monday, May 05, 2008

Love In

This quilt, actually more a coverlet, was not lost among the many things that have been found in the great clean-up (like the poignant book that Andrew gave Donny for his 50th birthday, I'll Love You Forever). I keep this, love you forever, coverlet where I can see it. My grandmother made it for me and just one glance will tell you that it was used and used and used. It has outlived its usefulness. Still I do not part with it. Mother Leigh (so named by me because while Mom & Dad were both working I lived with my grandparents and they became Mother Leigh and Other Dad) made it for me on her treadle sewing machine and at least once she mended, by hand, the many thread weary seams.

This coverlet is my grandmother in my life, now, today. Happiness!

I am so smitten with Twitter. It is such a simple way to drop a line to followers and to read a quick clip from those you follow. I am so hooked, I need more friends to follow! Feed my fix and join...please.

I have the BeTwittered gadget on my iGoggle page and am constantly getting to read snippets from Dooce and Finslippy and Miranda as they travel though their day. It is just like a neighbor waving hello. But you don't have to be a high power blogger to Tweet. Just sign-up. The text box is right there for you to jot your own note to your followers. No logging in necessary. Very, very cool!

For the record, I beat Donald in Scrabulous. I did not cheat either.

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