Wednesday, April 16, 2008

500 miles

Lydia's after school enrichment class held a small performance this week and it could not be missed.

The time was 1PM, not bad unless you dawdled too much leaving home and then got stuck in a traffic snarl.

So by the time I got to Richmond I had 1 hour and fifteen minutes to finish up the trip to northern Virginia. Be late I told myself or go for it. The go self won.

I am just waiting for the by mail speeding ticket. I thanked Donny a hundred times for putting the V6 engine in my Rav4. At that I could not keep up with a new SUV Saturn that was figuratively and almost literally flying.

No directions please, I told Emily after the show as we were headed to the house to unwind for a bit before I headed home. I mostly know how to get there but a few turns are fuzzy. I will follow you I said. I used up my directions allowance on getting to the school, into the school, and to the right classroom on time.

But back to the show. A hit! They sang and performed from the heart. Fifteen minutes and it was over but every one of the 500 total driving miles was worth seeing those precious minutes. And THE SMILE with,"Grandma!!" that greeted me as I walked in the door beating the start of the performance by about 10 minutes.

Lydia told her teacher that I was coming to see the show. The same grandma that made your Mary dress she was asked. "Yes, my dress for the Mary & Joseph show," came the reply.

There's definitely theater in that gal.

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