Saturday, May 07, 2005

Gale Came to Town

Gale came to town yesterday and made life miserable for lots of folks. We almost did not go to a very cool party last night because she was still hanging around. But the party was in honor of Glen Eure and you just can't let that go by. So we put on party clothes that could handle the weather and dropped by for a hello before heading back to Bayside projects.

Egg on my face. I moved to Blogger to be able to post pictures and then I forgot (wilfully so as I did not want to look geeky) to take my camera to the grand unveiling of Glen's latest masterpiece. A very large wood carving made into a table for said party givers. He has been working on this carving out of a huge - I do mean huge - piece of pine for over two years. The carving is suspended on wooden dowels under a piece of heavy plate glass that is the top of eight by four mahogany table, rather like an enormous shadow box.

The party house can handle it easily. It is one of those massive summer beach houses in Southern Shores within sight of the ocean. I asked Donny what he supposed this man did for a living. They have a mansion in northern Virginia home to his wife's 22 Christmas trees, plus this house and who knows what else.

The house here has the usual heated tile bathroom floor, theme bedrooms, elevator, hot tubs and jacuzzi's. But I tell you one thing they did not have, a classy coffee maker. They had an old ordinary Mr. Coffee or some similiar non cool appliance. So we got them there!

All party attendees got a smaller than life size printof the woodcut signed personally by Glen. I am so excited as the actual life size prints sell for $1000. It is a whole Outer Banks scene with the lighthouses and monuments and beach life. What a treat to owe even the small one.

John de la Vega was there and it's always fun to rub shoulders with Mr Argentina. Also Nancy and Charlie Burns. Stephen went to preschool with their daughter Jenny. We run into them about once every two years and play the what are your kids doing now game.

Headed home early to finish Bayside catch up. Alas I watched the last episode of Sex and the City today and now am on a mission to quickly find a copy of Season Six Part Two (how could I have missed that when I was buying the rest?) so I can see the very end (again)!

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